tmux cli simple command

Ctrl+b " — split pane horizontally. Ctrl+b % — split pane vertically. Ctrl+b arrow key — switch pane. Hold Ctrl+b, don’t release it and hold one of the arrow keys — resize pane. Ctrl+b c — (c)reate a new window. Ctrl+b n — move to the (n)ext window. Ctrl+b p — move to the (p)revious window. Other thing worth knowing is that scrolling is enabled by pressing Ctrl+b PgUp/PgDown. In fact, it enables the copy mode, which can also be done by pressing Ctrl+b [. When in copy mode, you can use PgUp/PgDown and arrow keys to scroll through the terminal contents. To (q)uit the copy mode, simply press the q key. Ctrl+d To close a single pane in tmux, you need to either press Ctrl+d or type exit and press Return. If you have multiple windows or panes opened and want to close them all at once, press the prefix (Ctrl+b), then type :kill-session and press Return.

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