#!/bin/bash function show_code { ERROR_LOCATION=$(grep -Ron "\[UIImage imageNamed:\s*@\"$1\"\s*\]" $PROJECT_NAME) if [[ -z $ERROR_LOCATION ]]; then ERROR_LOCATION=$(grep -Ron "UIImage(named\:\s*\"$1\"\s*)" $PROJECT_NAME) fi ERROR_LOCATION=$(echo $ERROR_LOCATION | cut -d ':' -f 1,2) echo "$ERROR_LOCATION: error: Missing imageset with name $1" } function show_img { local IMG_LOC=$(find "$PROJECT_NAME" -name "$1.imageset" | sed 's/.xcassets\//.xcassets:.\//') echo "$IMG_LOC/:: error: No more refs to imageset $1" } USED_NAMES=() #find obj-c [UIImage imageNamed:@""] USED_NAMES+=($(grep -Ron '\[UIImage imageNamed:\s*@"[^"]*"\s*\]' $PROJECT_NAME | cut -d '"' -f 2 | sort -u)) #find swift UIImage(named "") USED_NAMES+=($(grep -Ron 'UIImage(named\:\s*"[^"]\{1,\}"\s*)' $PROJECT_NAME | cut -d '"' -f 2 | sort -u)) #find images names in assets PRESENTED_IMAGES=$(find "$PROJECT_NAME" -name *.imageset | grep -v Pods | /usr/bin/sed -e 's/.*\///' -e 's/\.imageset$//' | sort -u) EXIT_CODE=0 echo "Missing imageset with name:" for name in $(comm -23 <(printf '%s' "$USED_NAMES") <(printf '%s' "$PRESENTED_IMAGES")); do show_code $name EXIT_CODE=1 done echo "No more refs to imageset:" for name in $(comm -13 <(printf '%s' "$USED_NAMES") <(printf '%s' "$PRESENTED_IMAGES")); do show_img $name EXIT_CODE=1 done echo exit $EXIT_CODE
Check if UIImage exists in assets

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