Usages of Paragraph structure

let allFormattedDescriptions = [ Paragraph(heading: "Introduction to Bacon Ipsum", descriptionText: "Bacon ipsum dolor amet jerky pig pastrami capicola biltong turkey, ball tip fatback andouille porchetta flank swine brisket bacon pork loin. Tongue shank cupim, pastrami spare ribs meatball drumstick pork pork chop. Sirloin flank tenderloin bresaola doner, cupim ribeye drumstick ham hock t-bone pork short ribs shoulder. Fatback ribeye pastrami pancetta, chuck turkey andouille boudin burgdoggen shoulder tongue kielbasa doner shankle turducken. Rump strip steak drumstick, shankle cupim prosciutto jerky bacon doner. Pork chop jowl burgdoggen, cow turkey ball tip doner. Cow ham meatball chuck flank meatloaf prosciutto."), Paragraph(heading: "Kielbasa?", descriptionText: "Spare ribs boudin ham leberkas landjaeger filet mignon. Short loin fatback hamburger leberkas chicken. Frankfurter chuck short ribs ball tip, ground round cupim shank brisket venison turducken boudin. Pig sirloin pork loin meatloaf short loin turkey swine.") ] let textContent = NSMutableAttributedString() for (index, desc) in allFormattedDescriptions.enumerated() { let includeLinebreak = index < allFormattedDescriptions.count - 1 textContent.append(desc.attributeString(includeLineBreak: includeLinebreak)) } self.tvInstructions.attributedText = textContent

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