VHDL - Xilinx board - Seven segment display + buttons + LEDs + UART throw RS232 code (UART only)

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- Company: MordorBet -- Engineer: Urko Pineda -- -- Description: Modulo UART de comunicación. -- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- library IEEE; use IEEE.std_logic_1164.ALL; use IEEE.std_logic_UNSIGNED.ALL; entity UART is port( clk : in std_logic; EOC : out std_logic; OUTP : inout std_logic_vector(7 downto 0) := "ZZZZZZZZ"; RXD : in std_logic; TXD : out std_logic; EOT : out std_logic; INP : in std_logic_vector(7 downto 0); READY : out std_logic; WR : in std_logic ); end UART; ARCHITECTURE PRINCIPAL OF UART is type STATE is (S0, S1, S2, S3, S4, S5, S6, S7, S8, S9); signal CLK_SERIAL : std_logic :='0'; signal START : std_logic:='0'; signal EOCS, EOC1, EOC2 : std_logic:='0'; signal RX_CK_ENABLE : std_logic:='0'; signal RECEIVING : std_logic:='0'; signal TRANSMITTING : std_logic:='0'; signal CLK_TXD : std_logic :='0'; signal TXDS : std_logic :='1'; signal EOTS : std_logic :='0'; signal INPL : std_logic_vector(7 downto 0):=X"00"; signal DATA : std_logic_vector(7 downto 0):=X"00"; signal ATUAL_STATE, NEXT_STATE, ATUAL_STATE_TXD, NEXT_STATE_TXD: STATE := S0; signal TX_ENABLE : std_logic :='0'; signal TX_CK_ENABLE : std_logic :='0'; component BR_GENERATOR port ( clk : in std_logic; RX_ENABLE : in std_logic; CLK_TXD : out std_logic; TX_ENABLE : in std_logic; CLK_SERIAL : out std_logic ); end component; begin READY<=not(TX_ENABLE); BRG : BR_GENERATOR port map (clk, RX_CK_ENABLE, CLK_TXD, TX_CK_ENABLE, CLK_SERIAL); RX_CK_ENABLE <=START OR RECEIVING; TX_CK_ENABLE<=TX_ENABLE OR TRANSMITTING; START_DETECT : process(RXD, EOCS) begin if (EOCS='1') then START<='0'; elsif (falling_edge(rxd)) then START<='1'; end if; end process START_DETECT; RXD_STATES : process (CLK_SERIAL) begin if (rising_edge(CLK_SERIAL)) then ATUAL_STATE<=NEXT_STATE; end if; end process RXD_STATES; RXD_STATE_MACHINE : process(START, ATUAL_STATE) begin if (START='1' or RECEIVING='1') then case ATUAL_STATE is when S0 => EOCS<='0'; if (START='1') then NEXT_STATE<=S1; RECEIVING<='1'; else NEXT_STATE<=S0; RECEIVING<='0'; end if; when S1 => RECEIVING<='1'; EOCS<='0'; NEXT_STATE<=S2; when S2 => RECEIVING<='1'; EOCS<='0'; NEXT_STATE<=S3; when S3 => RECEIVING<='1'; EOCS<='0'; NEXT_STATE<=S4; when S4 => RECEIVING<='1'; EOCS<='0'; NEXT_STATE<=S5; when S5 => RECEIVING<='1'; EOCS<='0'; NEXT_STATE<=S6; when S6 => RECEIVING<='1'; EOCS<='0'; NEXT_STATE<=S7; when S7 => RECEIVING<='1'; EOCS<='0'; NEXT_STATE<=S8; when S8 => RECEIVING<='1'; EOCS<='0'; NEXT_STATE<=S9; when S9 => RECEIVING<='1'; EOCS<='1'; NEXT_STATE<=S0; when others => null; end case; end if; end process RXD_STATE_MACHINE; RXD_SHIFT : PROCESS(CLK_SERIAL) BEGIN if (rising_edge(CLK_SERIAL)) then if(EOCS='0') then DATA<=RXD & DATA(7 downto 1); end if; end if; END PROCESS RXD_SHIFT; process (clk) begin if (rising_edge(clk)) then EOC<=EOCS; end if; end process; process(ATUAL_STATE) begin if (ATUAL_STATE=S9) then OUTP<=DATA; end if; end process; TXD_STATES : process(CLK_TXD) begin if (rising_edge(CLK_TXD)) then ATUAL_STATE_TXD<=NEXT_STATE_TXD; end if; end process TXD_STATES; TXD_STATE_MACHINE : process(ATUAL_STATE_TXD, TX_ENABLE) begin case ATUAL_STATE_TXD is when S0 => INPL<=INP; EOTS<='0'; if (TX_ENABLE='1') then TXDS<='0'; TRANSMITTING<='1'; NEXT_STATE_TXD<=S1; else TXDS<='1'; TRANSMITTING<='0'; NEXT_STATE_TXD<=S0; end if; when S1 => TXDS<=INPL(0); EOTS<='0'; TRANSMITTING<='1'; NEXT_STATE_TXD<=S2; when S2 => TXDS<=INPL(1); EOTS<='0'; TRANSMITTING<='1'; NEXT_STATE_TXD<=S3; when S3 => TXDS<=INPL(2); EOTS<='0'; TRANSMITTING<='1'; NEXT_STATE_TXD<=S4; when S4 => TXDS<=INPL(3); EOTS<='0'; TRANSMITTING<='1'; NEXT_STATE_TXD<=S5; when S5 => TXDS<=INPL(4); EOTS<='0'; TRANSMITTING<='1'; NEXT_STATE_TXD<=S6; when S6 => TXDS<=INPL(5); EOTS<='0'; TRANSMITTING<='1'; NEXT_STATE_TXD<=S7; when S7 => TXDS<=INPL(6); EOTS<='0'; TRANSMITTING<='1'; NEXT_STATE_TXD<=S8; when S8 => TXDS<=INPL(7); EOTS<='0'; TRANSMITTING<='1'; NEXT_STATE_TXD<=S9; when S9 => TXDS<='1'; EOTS<='1'; TRANSMITTING<='1'; NEXT_STATE_TXD<=S0; when others => null; end case; end process TXD_STATE_MACHINE; TX_START:process (clk, WR, EOTS) begin if (EOTS='1') then TX_ENABLE<='0'; elsif (falling_edge(clk)) then if (WR='1') then TX_ENABLE<='1'; end if; end if; end process TX_START; EOT<=EOTS; process (clk) begin if (rising_edge(clk)) then TXD<=TXDS; end if; end process; end PRINCIPAL ;

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