Visual Basic Open, Print, Save, Archivos de Disco Local C:

//Open File OpenfileDialog .InitialDirecto=”C:\” OpenfileDialog1.ShowDialog() Dim line as String Using reader As System.IO.Stream Reader=New System.IO.StreamReader (OpenfileDialog1.fileName) Line=Reader.Readline While(Not line is Nothing) Rich TextBox1.AppendText(line) RichTextBox1.AppendText(rlf) Line=reader.Readline End While End Using //Print File PrintDialog1.ShowDialog //Exit If(MsgBox(“Deasea Guardar?”,Msg BoxStyle.Exclamation+MsgBoxStyle. YesNoCancel,”Cerrar Proyecto”)= MsgBoxResult.Yes)Then //Save SavefileDialog.filter=”Archivo de Texto │ * .txt” .doc” .xls” SavefileDialog.ShowDialog() Using Admin as System.IO.Stream Writer=NewSystem.IO.Stream Writer(SavefileDialog.filename) Admin.WriterLive(“ “) End Using Else End If Else If MsgBoxResult.No Then Me.Close() End If

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