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<b><p style=”height:50; font-size:50pt; filter:shadow(Color=red)”>Some web design articles 2021</p></b> <p>1. As a product owner, you may know the value proposition of your SaaS perfectly well. But there is no use in cutting-edge functionality and tailored user interface if your customers have trouble figuring out how they can benefit from using your product. And that’s where SaaS onboarding comes in handy. </p> <p>For example, one of our recent clients, Handprinter, had a unique idea of a startup with a great mission to heal the planet, but because of having troubles with users onboarding visitors just couldn’t see its value. Luckily, by improving the UI/UX design of the application our team helped Handprinter clearly communicate its value and encourage people to sign up.</p> <a href=”https://www.eleken.co/blog-posts/saas-onboarding-educate-engage-and-retain-your-customers”>https://www.eleken.co/blog-posts/saas-onboarding-educate-engage-and-retain-your-customers</a> <p>The above example proves that when done right, onboarding will not just show the customer how to use your product, it will teach them how to receive value and reach their goals with its help.</p> So, what is customer onboarding? Why does your SaaS need one? What types of onboarding will suit your cloud service best? Let's figure it out together! </p> <p>2. People who have ever had to hire a team member on their own would never underestimate the work of HR managers. <p>Many startup owners face difficulties in finding new team members and they need to dive deeper into the hiring process. The situation is particularly uncomfortable because there are two challenges at the same time: first of all, HR, second, evaluating the expertise of a person in a field where you don't have any expertise.</p> <a href=”https://www.eleken.co/blog-posts/ux-designer-interview-questions”>https://www.eleken.co/blog-posts/ux-designer-interview-questions</a> <p>How do you know if a designer is really skilled? What questions to ask a UI/UX designer in an interview? What should you pay most attention to? Or, simply put, how to hire a UI/UX designer?</p> HR managers know answers to all these questions without having proficiency in product design. However, many emerging products have not grown yet to have an HR manager, and this task is not something you can outsource 100%. Most teams find hiring to be a rather personal issue — and they are right.
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