What is Heart Bypass Surgery and Need by BASH

<h1> What is Heart Bypass Surgery and Need by BASH </h1> <p> A heart bypass surgery or coronary artery bypass surgery is also known as coronary artery bypass grafting surgery (CABG). If the supply of oxygen-rich blood to the heart gets cut off due to blocks in one or more coronary arteries, CABG is performed to bypass the blocked artery or arteries and restore the normal flow of blood to the heart. Surgeons will use grafts to bypass blocked arteries and restore blood flow to the heart. The graft is a healthy blood vessel taken from arteries or veins in the chest, leg or arm, and it is used to create a new pathway to carry the blood to the heart. </p> <p> Big Apollo Spectra <a href="https://bigapollospectra.com/">Hospital in Patna</a> has the <a href="https://bigapollospectra.com/doctor/dr-kumar-himanshu">best cardiologists in Patna</a> and they suggest the need for CABG when the patient develops a blockage in the artery leading to the heart. Other symptoms that may need surgery include severe chest pain while exercising or while at rest due to the narrowing of arteries and blood shortage in the muscle; the maximum amount of blood to the left ventricle is supplied by the left coronary artery. If this is narrowed or blocked, surgery is recommended; if there is no proper supply of oxygen-rich blood even after undergoing angioplasty or placing a heart stent; if the left ventricle (heart's main pumping chamber) is not functioning properly and if the patient doesn't correspond to other related procedures or medications while undergoing treatments for a heart stroke. </p> <p> Big Apollo spectra <a href="https://bigapollospectra.com/">hospital in Patna</a> is provide best healthcare they have <a href="https://bigapollospectra.com/">best doctors in Patna</a> they have advanced knowledge and experience. Big Apollo is <a href="https://bigapollospectra.com/">best hospital in Patna</a>. </p>
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