Alternate Quick 'N Easy Way to Hide <div> {Good for SEO}

<div style="position: absolute;top: -10000px;left: -10000px;"> <p>Hieee! I'm a Hidden DIV. Find me on webpage. My location is -10000px from top & -10000px from left.</p> </div>
As we already know there are so many methods to hide an element from webpage using CSS styles. such as, visibility: hidden; or display:none;

But there is an alternative way to completely hide any div or element from website for user but not for bots.

Just think about, you are adding keywords in your html code for better SEO & you don't want to show it to visitors, but google/bing bots count it as website's content.

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Good point. Thanks!
This can be considered black hat.
@Igor Prado It is depending on what you are putting inside the DIV, not with this technique.
@Mahesh Bhave If you are hiding content for a "better SEO performance" it's just like put a text with the same color of background. What is considered a black hat technique.
For Google, the good content is the content that user can see.

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