How to LaTex on MacOS with in 10 easy steps

1. Download and install MacTex from (What you actually need from this > 3GB Download is BibDesk for your bibliography) 2. install the following packages: - language-latex - latex - latex-completions (optional) - latexer (optional) - linter - linter-spell - linter-spell-latex - linter-ui-default - latex-tree (optional) 3. Create your project folder and open it in 4. Go to > Setting and enable "Soft Wrap" because you really dont want to scroll your text horizontally 5. Go to > Packages > spell-check > Locales and use only one language 6. Go to > Packages > latex > Output Directory and type in sth. like "build" so your generated PDF file will be located under this dir 7. Create myproject.tex, this is your LaTex Document configuration file, dont put actual content in here 8. Create /pages (where you put your .tex-files) and /media (where you put images) 9. Create bibliography.bib (this is your bibliography and can be opened and managed with BibDesk - what I mentioned earlier) 10. Start your project with something like this 11. Build your PDF by using "Shift + Cmd + P" and searching for "Latex: Build" or just use "Ctrl + Alt + B". The generated PDF file should then be found under /build (or whatever you chose at 6.). --- Links: 1. Harvard Citation Reference sheet for natbib usage 2. Really Bad Cheat sheet for LaTex 3. Kind of nice documentation

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