jQuery: Embed Codepad.co Snippet in iFrame (TEST)

var frame=$('<iframe>', { src: 'https://codepad.co/snippet/dC5baLr2', id: 'myFrame', frameborder: 0, scrolling: 'auto', style: 'width:100%; height:650px;' }).prependTo('body'); // reveal frame.hide(); frame.slideDown('slow');
[ Just a test ] This is actually a terrible idea and I'm sorry for making it.

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Would you like to have possibility to embed the codes on your website?
@Andrian Absolutely. I never really got into Gists because it was hard to search for what I wanted. Codepad makes it so easy to jump around to related material that it's a good place to archive these snippets. For me, the next step would be using these to explain larger concepts on my own site. When I created this specific snippet I realized that view count can be directly influenced and artificially inflated - so hopefully sites with greater traffic wouldn't necessarily skew what is popular here. Either way, the proof of concept is there for PHP so I'll be making something work for WordPress -- but I would love an official Embed. Thanks!
@Andrian Here is an interesting example of leveraging the Gist: http://srobbin.com/jquery-plugins/intelligist/
Hi, thank you for feedback. I will let know what we'll improve in february:
1. Extended search (by categories)
2. Live preview and combine snippets (useful for frontenders)
3. View count will be limited by IP's
4. Clone
5. Embed
6. and other fixes.
@Andrian That's great.

I'm not sure there is a good place for this but might as well post it here. Other things I noticed as a result of maybe making too many snippets...

Being able to rearrange my collection order and remembering my last used language when creating a new snippet would be great additions as well. ;-)

PHP is pretty far down the list and I found that I’m scrolling quite a lot. Same for groups but those usually will always change. Unfortunately if I'm on a role with a new category I'd like to move it to the top of my collection list. Without that feature I’m honestly thinking of deleting a category and creating it again just to move it down to the bottom. When in edit mode, a simple UP/Down arrow would be fine but obviously drag/drop ordering is better.

Being able to tell the difference between MY content and another person's content in a collection would be handy. If I make 30+ snippets then I have a pretty good understanding of what I made. The random snippet I added to the collection get's lost unless I read all the titles and notice it's different than my own structure.

One thing I noticed about the Developers section is that `popular` means followers but it really doesn’t mean anything about content. [Popular | New | Likes] might be good because I want to see who has all the good stuff. Case in point; #4 has 30 follows while showing 0 content.

Also, if you search based on `only featured` the results aren’t paged. It’s really only helpful if you’re on that first page and after that if forgets that it’s a checked feature.

All and all, I’m happy with what is here and I’m excited to see how this site evolves. So thank-you. At the very least I’ve been able to get out a lot of smaller things that I may otherwise have forgetten.
@Jesse Graupmann Thank you for your ideas, I have saved all of them, we'll announce about new release that will include your ideas as well.

The features issue, shame for me, it's a bug...
@Andrian Thanks! I'm looking forward to it. Don't worry about that bug though, it's not the end of the world ;-)
@Jesse Graupmann If you will see more bugs, just let me know!

We'll roll-out the new updates in the end of February, with all the bug fixes, so I have to discover more bugs :)
@Andrian What is the best place to inform you of bugs? I'm assuming the contact form at the bottom of the page?
@Jesse Graupmann Yes, use the contact form. Thanks!

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