PostgreSQL: backup remote database with pg_dump

#let's create a backup from remote postgresql database using pg_dump: # # pg_dump -h [host address] -Fc -o -U [database user] <database name> > [dump file] # #later it could be restored at the same remote server using: # # sudo -u postgres pg_restore -C mydb_backup.dump # #Ex: pg_dump -h -p 5432 -Fc -o -U myuser mydb > mydb_backup.dump pg_restore -C mydb_backup.dump #complete (all databases and objects) pg_dumpall -U myuser -h -p 5432 --clean --file=mydb_backup.dump #restore from pg_dumpall --clean: psql -f mydb_backup.dump postgres #it doesn't matter which db you select here
Command I use to backup my remote postgres databases

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