tabla estudiantes

SELECT INITCAP(CONCAT(SPLIT_PART(pers.nom_persona, ' ', 1), ' ', pers.ape_pate_pers, ' ', SUBSTRING(pers.ape_mate_pers, 1, 1), '.')) AS nombre_estu, -- CONCAT(pers.nom_persona,' ', pers.ape_pate_pers, ' ', pers.ape_mate_pers), aw_estu.* FROM (SELECT award_x_estu._id_estudiante, SUM(award_x_estu.award_points) as count_tot, COUNT(award_x_estu.award_points) FILTER (WHERE award_x_estu.award_points = 1) AS count_pos, COUNT(award_x_estu.award_points) FILTER (WHERE award_x_estu.award_points = -1) AS count_neg FROM (SELECT p.*, na.title_award, na.award_points FROM (SELECT t._id_estudiante, (t.unw->>'idx') AS idx_award, (t.unw->>'id_award')::integer AS id_award, (t.unw->>'desc_award') AS desc_award, (t.unw->>'fecha_award') AS fecha_award FROM (SELECT _id_estudiante,JSONB_ARRAY_ELEMENTS(json_awards) AS unw FROM notas.notas_estudiante WHERE _id_main = 7342) t) p, notas.award na) award_x_estu GROUP BY award_x_estu._id_estudiante) aw_estu, persona pers WHERE aw_estu._id_estudiante = pers.nid_persona order by count_pos desc limit 5

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