Ubuntu Server: Configuring proxies

# sudo nano /etc/environment # # (Append these lines at the end of file:) http_proxy="http://myproxy.server.com:8080/" https_proxy="http://myproxy.server.com:8080/" ftp_proxy="http://myproxy.server.com:8080/" no_proxy="localhost,,localaddress,.localdomain.com" HTTP_PROXY="http://myproxy.server.com:8080/" HTTPS_PROXY="http://myproxy.server.com:8080/" FTP_PROXY="http://myproxy.server.com:8080/" NO_PROXY="localhost,,localaddress,.localdomain.com" # # (save and... ) source /etc/environment # (that's all)
This is the way to configure proxies to Ubuntu Server (perhaps other distros). Easy and fast.

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