Pull images from a directory for an array.

<?php $issue = $_GET['issue']; $files = glob("$issue/*.{jpg,jpeg,gif,jp2,png}", GLOB_BRACE); $downloads = glob("$issue/*.{zip,cbz,cbr,rar}", GLOB_BRACE); $icon = glob("$issue/icon/*.{jpg,jpeg,gif,jp2,png}", GLOB_BRACE); for ($i=0; $i<count($icon); $i++) { $iconImg = $icon[$i]; } if($iconImg){ $thumbImg = $iconImg; }else{ $thumbImg = 'https://www.imageurl/image_title.jpg'; } ?> <?php for ($i=0; $i<count($files); $i++) { $img = $files[$i]; echo' <section class="slide" data-name="page'.$i.'"><div class="content image-box"><img src="'.$img.'"/></div></section>'; } ?>
I use this to pull a series of images from a directory to form an array of images and links.
I'm using the $icon to use either a custom icon for the mobile touch icons, and if that icon is missing from the icon directory it will pull a default image url.

See it in action here: https://pulplibrary.com/

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