task gulpfile for favicon generator

var realFavicon = require ('gulp-real-favicon'); var fs = require('fs'); // File where the favicon markups are stored var FAVICON_DATA_FILE = 'faviconData.json'; // Generate the icons. This task takes a few seconds to complete. // You should run it at least once to create the icons. Then, // you should run it whenever RealFaviconGenerator updates its // package (see the check-for-favicon-update task below). gulp.task('favicon-1-generate', function(done) { realFavicon.generateFavicon({ masterPicture: './favicon/favicon.png', dest: './dist/favicon', iconsPath: './favicon/', design: { ios: { pictureAspect: 'noChange' }, desktopBrowser: {}, windows: { pictureAspect: 'noChange', backgroundColor: '#da532c', onConflict: 'override' }, androidChrome: { pictureAspect: 'noChange', themeColor: '#ffffff', manifest: { name: 'yourName', display: 'browser', orientation: 'notSet', onConflict: 'override' } }, safariPinnedTab: { pictureAspect: 'blackAndWhite', threshold: 53.90625, themeColor: '#5bbad5' } }, settings: { scalingAlgorithm: 'Mitchell', errorOnImageTooSmall: false }, markupFile: FAVICON_DATA_FILE }, function() { done(); }); }); // Inject the favicon markups in your HTML pages. You should run // this task whenever you modify a page. You can keep this task // as is or refactor your existing HTML pipeline. gulp.task('favicon-2-inject-markups', function() { gulp.src([ './dist/*.html' ]) .pipe(realFavicon.injectFaviconMarkups(JSON.parse(fs.readFileSync(FAVICON_DATA_FILE)).favicon.html_code)) .pipe(gulp.dest('./dist/')); }); // Check for updates on RealFaviconGenerator (think: Apple has just // released a new Touch icon along with the latest version of iOS). // Run this task from time to time. Ideally, make it part of your // continuous integration system. gulp.task('favicon-3-check-for-update', function(done) { var currentVersion = JSON.parse(fs.readFileSync(FAVICON_DATA_FILE)).version; realFavicon.checkForUpdates(currentVersion, function(err) { if (err) { throw err; } }); });

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